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If you would like to commission a painting please get in touch.  I just require a few high quality digital photographs to work from and a chat about what you need.   I keep you posted on progress and consult you throughout the process.   As a price guide, an original watercolour with image of approx A4  is around £250 depending on detail and complexity.  Please contact me for a quote. 

Here are some examples of previous work.....

AT Jo South commission.jpg

This was such a beautiful house to paint. 

"We commissioned Jo to do a painting of our new house. Jo was very friendly, flexible and helped us come to decisions about the best way to represent the house. She showed us step by step the progress so we could fine tune it.

The painting is incredible - it is such a great likeness of our beautiful house, and the attention to detail is amazing. We love it and we'll be asking Jo to do another view of the house in the future. Many thanks Jo"  Anna

The owner 'chose' the favourite season to depict, and I painted the shrubs and flowers normally in the garden at that time.  I moved a tree from the view to enhance the final composition and made the 'fake' window real!  You can work magic in a painting....!

This tranquil garden painting was for a Christmas Present....

"We bought one of Jo South's prints last summer - 'Have you fed the ducks' - because feeding the ducks in the village (with our granddaughter) is a very enjoyable, regular outing. 

I wanted a painting of our garden as a surprise Christmas present for my husband so I asked Jo.  She agreed and the secret plans began!  After an initial home visit with lots of photos taken, Jo produced a sketch/draft which we tweaked slightly over the next few weeks.  When we were both happy, Jo added the colour (paint). I was delighted with the final result - as was my husband when he opened his gift on Christmas Day.  Thank you Jo." Joanna

As this was local to me, I could secretly take photos of the garden.   We planned the composition around what was important to the client hence the personalised drinks on the table and statues.   Such a lovely garden. 

JS Commissions Jo South Artworks.jpg
Billabong commission Jo South Artworks.j

This commission of Billabong Creek in Australia was a first for me - I've never painted (or even seen) a real gum tree!   Coordinated between myself and others in Australia and China, it was a very international effort!

"An introduction and recommendation to Jo via a mutual friend, lead us to commission her to paint a very special piece for my husband’s 50th birthday. The painting was of a favourite view of my husband’s family property in rural Australia.   Jo being located in the UK and never having painted nor seen a gum tree was never a problem.   A few photos and clarification emails were all that was needed. We are all thrilled with the result and the painting hangs in pride of place in our living room.
Thank you Jo for creating a memorable birthday gift" 

LH comission Jo South Artworks.jpg

A very interesting and rewarding project, this certainly made use of my Technical Graphics O'Level from 35 years ago! 

The brief was to bring architects' drawings to life and paint a picture of how the houses could look several years on - well lived-in with gardens flourishing etc.  Laura and I met to discuss the building materials chosen and how the finished barns would look.   Armed with the architects plans and some of Laura's amazing drone videos I set to work!

"Jo painted a group of barn style houses from architectural plans, I'd tried to find computer images for my purpose but they lacked something ... Jo took on the challenge and brought my project to life!   A stunning unique artist's impression, its stunning!  I'm so thrilled Jo,

I'll be back for more ... for sure!"  Laura x  

....and she was back!  With this beautiful building on Harley Street.  I do love this type of architecture and really enjoyed doing this. I think my style really suits this type of building.  Its a wonderful feeling when someone returns and commissions me to do another painting. It must mean they are happy with the first job!!

"Thank you Jo for a second beautiful painting!
My friend was thrilled with this unique gift. I’d highly recommend Jo South if you are looking for a unique gift or beautiful individual artwork for your home.
Surpassed all my expectations, thank you Jo"  
Laura x

LH HS Commission Jo South Artworks.jpg

This painting was such a pleasure to do - piecing together the composition and including special details, I was really pleased with the result (and now have those beautiful daisies in my front garden too!)

Jo South Commission NS.jpg

"I was at a total loss as to what to buy my husband for his 40th Birthday.... I then saw that Jo did commission pieces and the idea came to me... I asked her if she could paint our house even though we live in East Sussex!

So after some emails and a chat when I was back in Overton , Jo made a rough sketch from a photo I had, we talked about having us (my husband, our 2 year old girl and ‘the bump’ that would be born by his birthday) standing in the front. I then sent lots of photos of the house as well as some close ups of detail.  Jo then drew a pencil sketch and emailed it to me to see what I thought, we had a few emails back and forth about final detail.. then came the coloured version for the final go ahead...

When I saw the finished painting I was delighted, Jo had captured our home perfectly I couldn’t believe it especially as it was all done from photos, a look at google maps and through emails. What a talent!


I would highly recommend Jo to anyone especially if you are looking for a unique and very personal present.   Thank you Jo. x"  Nevena

This commission was a surprise birthday present depicting a regular family holiday destination.  It took some piecing together from a montage of photos of scenery and family members.  I sketched a few pictures to check I was along the right lines and when my client was happy I began the painting.

"Jo that is amazing! Seriously, I can't believe how accurate it is given you had a big jumble of photos to work with - The landscape is spot on!  I LOVE it. Thank you so much, it brought a tear to my eye. My Husband is going to be thrilled! It is even better than I hoped for. xx" Sarah

So, even if you have many photographs, I can  'stitch' them together, add your favourite pets, flowers, and people and yep - even the weather!

Sr commission Jo South artworks.jpg
Jo South Commissions MT.jpg

This was an interesting one - the trees and plants had been given pet names - so the pressure was on to paint them correctly!


"We asked Jo to create a unique painting as a 70th birthday gift. We had seen the accuracy and beauty of previous pieces of her work and knew she would create the perfect image for our family.


It was all so simple and relaxed: a chat, a few emails, some sketches, a bit more chat, a cuppa and done.


Jo made the whole process feel fun and special from the very first step.  Our picture was just right and was incredibly well received.'"  Miriam

A beautiful landscaped garden..


"We commissioned Jo to paint a picture of our friend's house.  Jo chatted through our requirements and took lots of photographs from which she produced three sketches for us to choose from.  We wish we could have chosen them all - but the finished picture was lovely - capturing the house perfectly. 

Jo is a joy to work with and the resulting picture was a unique and special gift which was much appreciated by the recipient."   Laura

LH Commission Jo South Artworks.jpg