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I am so grateful when customers send me their photos and reviews, here is a selection

"It’s a story of a village in a picture"


"I have just received one of the limited copy prints of Jo’s “map” of Overton through the post.  It was extremely well-wrapped!

The picture is fabulous. I love the fun touches, there is so much detail to look at.    I knew the village well back in the 1950s and 60s, and though so much has changed (houses in fields in which I picked blackberries) so much hasn’t.  

There are still helicopters over the mill, Bridge Street still has ducks.

I can’t stop looking at it to spot yet more details!

It’s a fascinating print; it makes the village come alive.   

Buy one!" 



"I have been pouring over my ‘All about Overton’ print and it’s just fabulous!!! I think I could spend all day grinning at it!!   Thank you Jo, what an utterly gorgeous thing to do ",

Gill, UK

" Jo has an amazing talent! I am lucky enough to own three of her pieces. One of which is a custom original she did of one of my favorite places. She captured it perfectly down to the last detail - she even included me & my family in the picture! I would highly recommend her!"

Danielle, USA


"Jo put a flyer though my door and I was immediately attracted to her work.  Her work is a lovely mixture of reality and seeing life through rose-tinted glasses; how things could look on a happy day with the best weather possible! 

I was wanting a picture of my late brother to be painted for my father's birthday.  I got in contact with Jo and, after many emails and phone discussions and Jo visiting to see more pictures, I received a beautiful picture. It set in stone a very precious family moment and the whole family was delighted with the picture.

Jo was also extremely reasonably priced and very professional to work with.  I would highly recommend her work."   


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"Amazing prints of the village I grew up in. Jo captures the essence of what makes

Overton special"


"I ordered some coasters as gifts for family members who have now left Overton.

I am SO pleased with them, they exceeded my expectations.  Well packaged too.

Jo was a pleasure to order from."

Rachel, UK

" I can highly recommend the place mats, drink mats and tea towels. Jo's paintings are so beautiful and to have them on items around the house that we use every day is wonderful. Captures the memories of our favourite places "

Helen, UK

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" I have Jo’s painting of our time in Düsseldorf hanging in my hallway. It’s a great memory"

Dawn, USA

" I have two of Jo’s painting in my house. Both I really love and get lots of admiring comments on from visitors" 

Emma, UK 

Received an amazing print of the

Boleyn (West Ham’s old stadium) as a Xmas gift. Absolutely love it and genuinely over the moon.

Thank you, Jo!

 Caroline, UK

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"Jo painted a beautiful picture as a present for my Mum's 70th birthday. 

The whole process could not have been easier - the picture was based on a photo that we provided and Jo skillfully 'improved'. 

Jo shared a couple of early versions of the picture with us to check she was on the right track, which was very reassuring.  

The end result, which Jo even had framed for us, exceeded all expectations and made a wonderful present.'


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"Love my German prints - thank you! Finally have them hanging in our new home! Anne USA

Joett Jo South Artworks

" I thought you might like to see your prints on my wall in South Lyon Michigan. This is just 4 of the 6 I have displayed in my home. Thank you for them. I receive many compliments."  Joette, USA

LH Photo Jo South Artworks

"Jo You're up before the furniture! "

Lisa, New Jersey USA

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"Two of your lovely pieces here in South Lyon, Michigan!

Thanks to you I see beautiful reminders of Germany every day "

Jen, USA